Safety Go – Incident Reporting App (capture COVID-19 risks)

Capture incidents and near-miss events at work with our minimalistic app. React to reports in time with instant SMS and email notifications.

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Watch a 34 second video on how  Safety Go can be used to capture near-miss events and report them via instant SMS and Email notification. Everyone can report, you manage who receives notifications.

How it works

Safety Go allows users to send reports with with pictures and comments from their smartphone. Reports are then forwarded to predetermined personnel and available in web interface for analysis and export.

1. Send report from your phone

2. Instant Email and SMS notifications are sent

3. Data can be analyzed online

4. Data can be exported in various formats

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App Features

Report in time to prevent

Instant SMS and Email notifications allow to respond quickly.

Takes less then 1 min. to report

Select incident type and location, add comment and picture, and click send.

Instant E-mail and SMS notifications

Control who receives SMS and Email notifications based on incident type or location.

baltas iphone

Minimalistic app with intuitive layout

Multi-language, fast working app, no log in required, big buttons for quick reference.

Send pictures with comments

Add pictures with your reports to show exactly what the report is about.

Reporting tool always in your pocket

Unlimited number of users, no pen and paper required, no form filling, works with most smartphones.

Analyze & Configure

Web interface allows for administrator to analyze, filter and sort reports. System allows to export xls and pdf files. Interface also allows to customize app – define your own incident types, locations, manage users and notifications.

Filter, sort and export reports to xls or pdf files.

Manage SMS and Email notifications based on incident type and location.

View report status (pending, in progress, completed) to keep track on progress.

Upload files, add administrator comments, forward reports, keep track of progress.

Customize incident types and incident locations, manage user rights.

Analyze data through charts based on incident type or location.

See it in Action


Safety Go reduces major difficulties in addressing health and safety at work. Trough simplicity, scalability and automation, the following benefits are reached.

Reduce complexity

Generate reports in excel and pdf;
Assign responsibilities;
Keep track of progress;
Identify and analyze data.

Reduce cost and time

Affordable app, unlimited users, free updates;
Everyone can report, takes 1 min.;
Reports are organized and delivered;
Online interface helps keep track.

Raise awareness

Increases awareness and solidarity;
Safety Go is engaging, staff is keen to report;
App can be used as educational tool.


Cost of the app starts at 49 €  per month.

Please contact us to receive a free trial Pin code and you will be able to test all features of application including notifications and web interface for the administrator. App works on iPhone and Android devices.

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